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Fanusie,  founder of cross disciplinary practice Archiartymusictect originally trained as an architect; continuously complimenting this skill is his lifelong passion for art and music. He uses drawing to express his experiences in life; to visualise and conceptualise his artistic, musical and architectural ideas.

If we scratch away at the architectural surface of Fanusie’s work, it reveals a highly personal exploration of his own ethnicity. The art looks critically at commonly held viewpoints on race and society, addressing concepts of difference and ‘otherness’. If you look closely at the familiar urban landscape depicted on the large panoramas you may find characters out of place; a hint at forgotten dreams and faraway lands. 

When describing the art making process Fanusie explains:

I usually start with an observational (pleinair) drawing. I try to relax and tap into my sub-conscious; thereby allowing my lived experiences and state of mind to affect and influence my response to the subject or scene as I interrogate and deconstruct it. 

My mind and body begin to work in unison as I respond subconsciously and spontaneously to the surrounding physical stimuli and the subsequent mark making. I may choose to use the digital medium to represent the original plein air drawing in a creative process which further challenges notions of otherness, categorisation and completion.’

Fanusie’s work brings an unknown element to otherwise familiar London scenes: ghosts appear on the canvas, lines are blurred and reality questioned. Unexpected characters from childhood memories creep into the foreground of static omnipresent city landscapes. The colours used reflect the weather and season; the mood of the passers-by and represent the eclectic mix of personalities contained within these streets.

Fanusie isn’t afraid of unintentional mark marking creeping into his final composition; observing that ‘Elements of randomness and accidents all have a place in my art making process.’

Fanusie is currently looking at moving away from the plein air landscapes that have kept his interest for so long; to more abstract pieces. Bringing in elements of architectural intention, and using his experience in digital design, Fanusie aims to combine his love of music to create an entirely new body of work straight out of the imagination. 

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